D-Style: interior designers

D Published May 07, 2018 15:56 Mobitec / Creations

D-Style’s ambition is to use a passion for design to create modern, tasteful and characterful interiors for individuals and professionals. This speaks to us at Mobitec, and we are proud to be working closely with this rising star!

It all started when two brothers-in-law discovered a shared passion for design. Through their high-end furniture store, Ismael Boufrahi and Mohamed Aakabi made a name for themselves in the sector and earned the trust of a demanding clientele.

In addition to retail, Ismael Boufrahi began designing interior for individuals and professional customers. Remember last year’s article about the design of the Mosaert pop-up store for Coralie Barbier and Stromae: that was him!

He recently started work on designing a new complex of apartment hotels which will soon open on Avenue Louise. For this project, he opted for Mobitec furniture combined with carefully selected interior decorations. The perfect opportunity to ask a few questions.

Tell us your story

I began working in a Brussels-based furniture store called “Dépôt Stock” at the time. After 4 years, I was given the opportunity to take over the store. I then offered my brother-in-law to join me in this new adventure.

How did it go?

Very well! We quickly decided to entirely redesign the store and change its name to “Dépôt Style”. The store originally sold low-end and affordable furniture. We wanted to offer carefully selected higher quality products. Over the years, we have struck up partnerships with around a hundred medium and high range furniture suppliers.

That’s the store, but you also offer interior design services?

Yes, D-Style is a partner in interior design. In practice, customers call on my expertise to create a style, an atmosphere or a state of mind in a given space. My work consists of proposing a full design project with furniture and objects that I have personally selected. My ambition is not just to sell furniture and decorative objects, but to create an interior that speaks on the emotional level.

Can you tell us more about the apartment hotel project on Avenue Louise?

The project’s designers had heard about D-Style and compared my proposal with those of other major design firms. I decided to redesign the project from scratch, starting with a blank sheet of paper, and completely redesigned the apartments. The aim was to create 4 different moods to be applied to the 64 apartments, taking into account the future occupants of the premises. This approach convinced them.

You have once again chosen Mobitec furniture for this project

Yes indeed! We have an excellent partnership with Mobitec. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to challenge them on several projects and their reaction has always been the best.

The fact of being able to customise each chair enables us to look for the fabric that will perfectly match the mood that we are trying to create. And if it is not in Mobitec’s catalogue, then we use our own fabric.

Also, it is a Belgian brand and we believe that it is important to support Belgian business!

More information

Visit D-Style’s website for more information and a look at their creations. You can also follow them on their Facebook page!