Interview with Benoit Mathieu, Sales Manager for the South of France at Mobitec

D Published July 05, 2018 10:22 Mobitec / A team at your service

It is under the sun in the South of France that Benoit Mathieu joined the Mobitec team. From the Côte d’Azur to Perpignan, he will be going down many a road to make a name for our creations…

Benoit Mathieu

Education: University Technology Degree in Civil Engineering

Started at Mobitec: June 2018

Market: South of France / Mediterranean Basin

Favourite Mobitec collection: The Amazone table and the Lindsay chair

Benoit’s career path is the story of a passion! After a first experience as a Sales Manager in the concrete and frames industry, Benoit became an entrepreneur together with his Interior Decorator wife. Their company, active in the field of interior architecture, offers various services including advice, drawing up plans, and implementing works and furnishing projects.

After 10 years in this family adventure (and the conversion of their architecture firm into a design firm), Benoit felt that he was reaching the end of a path and began to feel the need for new adventures. He decided to return to the job market and was soon spotted by Mobitec which offered him a Sales Manager position in the South of France.

A varied clientele and varied approaches

Benoit is very familiar with the region’s furniture market. He tells us that the mission and the approach will vary depending on the customer:

“On the one hand, you have distributors and stores expecting a partnership focused on delivery times and technical considerations. On the other hand, you have architects and interior decorators who work on plans and need partner companies to support them and help them bring aesthetic projects to fruition.

By working with Mobitec and the local partners, I will be able to complete decoration projects in the area. It is in that facet of the work in particular that I will reconnect with the job which has always fascinated me, and I feel serene at the idea of approaching the work”.

Major potential for development

Benoit’s first impression of our design furniture company? Beautiful designs and a well-thought-out communication strategy:

“The first impression I had of Mobitec was that of a very well-managed company, with a well-thought-out showroom and communication strategy, beautiful designs and efficient manufacturing processes.

In a market dominated by Italian competition offering beautiful products but with whom it is very difficult to communicate, I have the feeling that Mobitec has major potential for development and could easily make a success of it”.

He is very familiar with that Italian competition, and it is not the only issue with which his market must contend:

“Because Italy is a neighbouring country, some customers take advantage of this to buy cheaper directly at the source. This is a real problem for stores who must contend with this (sort-of) unfair competition.

By working with Belgian companies whose quality is equal (or even higher) than Italian products, distributors will have the assurance of never competing with the factories. All that is left for me to do is to get on with the job and demonstrate my capability for high performance!”.

A happy man

What is Benoit’s life like outside of work?

“I will say it: I am a happy man! I have a wife with whom I share my passion for interior design, two small girls whom I love, and many sporting activities, including hiking, which enable me to get away to the mountains just a short distance from my home”.

One thing is certain: life is beautiful on the Côte d’Azur! Benoit adds: “I am very much looking forward to expatriating myself to the South of France, which is a beautiful region in which I will be able to work!”.