Interview with Michael Schwall, Sales Manager Benelux at Mobitec

D Published October 25, 2017 13:43 Mobitec / A team at your service

Michael Schwall recently took up his position as Sales Manager Benelux for Mobitec. We caught up with him to hear about his first impressions on this new professional challenge…

Michael Schwall

Education: Master's in Management, Administration and Business Management

Started at Mobitec: October 2017

Market: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg

Favourite Mobitec collection: Margaux (coming out soon) and Sheffield

Some encounters seem like they were written in the stars. At the age of 37, Michael Schwall was looking for a new professional challenge after spending 9 years working in a company in the industrial sector. This design enthusiast likely did not expect to be contacted by the manufacturer of his dining room chairs, which was looking for a new employee with his profile and experience!

And yet: he now heads the Mobitec sales teams for the Benelux. We asked him to tell us how it all happened.

How did the meeting with Mobitec take place?

The recruitment manager saw my profile on the Internet and contacted me. Due to the resignation of Alain Dohlen, after 16 years of hard work, Mobitec was looking for a new sales manager for the Benelux. I went to a first interview, and then returned for a second with Christophe Moers (Head of Marketing) and Dominique Amodei (Head of Design) at Mobitec's showroom in Eupen.

What was your first impression?

I had a very positive intuition from the outset. I had been thinking about what I wanted to achieve professionally for a while. I had a list of criteria, and Mobitec filled them all!

What kind of criteria?

The most important criterion for me was to sell a product that I believed in and that I could identify with. I already knew about Mobitec and I was convinced, since I have the model Mood#31 from the collection Moods 2013 at home.

A good working atmosphere was another important criterion, and I instantly clicked with Christophe and Dominique.

Can you tell us about your duties at Mobitec?

As Sales Manager Benelux, I am responsible for managing the Mobitec market in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In reality, my role mainly involves supervising the Benelux sales force, and giving them the means to carry out their duties. My job also involves conducting a strategic reflection on Mobitec's positioning on the market.

What is your philosophy regarding sales?

I see myself as a partner for our customers rather than a mere salesman. I believe that it is crucial to pay attention to the market and its needs, and to develop human relations over the long term. This is perfectly in line with the way Mobitec works.

How did your first days on the job go?

Really well! The entire team gave me such a warm welcome. I'm able to get to know the business, to get oriented. It instantly puts you at ease.

Over the past few days, I have met the salespeople, most of whom work externally.

Can you give us a quick look at your life outside work?

I am married and a father to 2 daughters aged 8 and 2 and a half. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I go running regularly. Our region with 3 borders is particularly beautiful, I enjoy it! I am also active in a carnival committee in the region.