Meet Dwelling, zero-energy design house builder

D Published April 05, 2018 15:00 Mobitec / Newsflash

Mobitec and Dwelling share a taste for contemporary design and interiors. On the occasion of the first collaboration between the two companies, we took the opportunity to put a few questions to Julien Raway, Director of Dwelling.

On 10 and 11 February, Dwelling let the general public into a very beautiful contemporary villa that it built in Rhode-Saint-Genèse. This was an opportunity for those wishing to buy a house and interested by the company’s vision to discover a “real life” example of their work.

The special feature of this open day: the villa was furnished with Mobitec tables and chairs, the fruit of a first collaboration between the two companies.

Following this meeting of our two worlds, we wanted to find out more about this innovative business, and so we interviewed Julien Raway, Director of Dwelling.

Can you describe Dwelling in a few words?

Dwelling is a general construction company specialised in designing contemporary wooden houses. What sets us apart is that we use CLT (cross laminated timber) in our construction projects.

What are the advantages of that material?

There are many! First of all, CLT is a natural material with an excellent carbon footprint.

Secondly, it is insulating by its very nature and enables us to meet the passive or zero energy standards (the famous Qzen standard) for our constructions. As it does not conduct heat, it serves to eliminate the risk of creating a thermal bridge or knot which concrete passive constructions have to contend with, for instance, and which causes condensation inside the home.

The architecture of your buildings is quite particular, and that is partly thanks to this material…

It is! Being cross-layered, the material offers great resistance in 3 dimensions and great stability. This enables architects to express their creativity by including overhanging structures and large bay windows without any issues. And although it is made from solid wood, the structure does not experience the same deformations that wood can undergo over time.

Tell us about your meeting with Mobitec

A service provider which we have in common put us into contact with each other. He had identified possible synergies between our respective businesses, and a similar mindset.

We regularly hold open days in the buildings that we have completed. For our villa in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, it was the perfect opportunity to use Mobitec furniture so that visitors could tour a furnished home.

The funny thing is that when we talked about this with the owners, they accepted immediately, saying that they were very familiar with Mobitec since they themselves owned several items of furniture sold by the brand. This is a prime example of convergence in the audiences which we are trying to reach.

What have you gained from this collaboration?

Being able to see partially or fully furnished building considerably improves the visitor’s experience. Some people are able to project how an empty house might look when it is furnished, while others cannot. Having furniture on-hand decorates the interior and, in Mobitec’s case, the design perfectly matches the atmosphere of our constructions.

Find out more

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