New collections for 2018: Zoom on London

D Published November 20, 2017 20:53 Zoom on... / Collections

Following in the footsteps of the Pure and Margaux collections of chairs, a new table has been added to our catalogue. Take a closer look at the London table.

Like the city that inspired its name, the London table is contemporary and dynamic. It is the ideal partner for variable-sized tribes and blended families.

London table: modular and generous

"The London table was designed for small families hosting another family, and parents who have their children at home every other week", explained Dominique Amodei, head of the Design team.

With its integrated sliding "Slide" extender (optional), which is particularly easy to use, the London table can adapt to any situation! Outside of mealtimes, the table does not take up any more room than strictly necessary and served to optimise the space available.

A hyper-customisable design table

Chic or ethnic, urban or romantic: whatever the atmosphere inside your home, our London table will fit in with any trend and any style given that it is ultra-customisable: "The table top is available in plywood, Fenix NTM or ceramic. The planks are made from wood. The version with metallic feet offers a wide choice of colours", explained Dominique. The extender is available in plywood or in Fenix.

4 new colours of ceramics have been added to our catalogue, offering new possibilities for giving your table a very design look:

• concrete grey

• light cement

• white marble

• matt black marble

"With these new coverings, you can enjoy the aesthetics of concrete, cement or marble with all the benefits of ceramics: easy to clean, scratchproof, ecologically-friendly and recyclable, etc.", explained Dominique.

7 sizes

The London table is available in 4 sizes, with or without the 120cm extender:

• 140x100 cm

• 160x100 cm

• 180x100 cm

• 200x100 cm

3 large sizes are available without the extender (the extender could compromise their stability):

• 220x100 cm

• 240x100 cm

• 260x100 cm

"No table currently available on the market offers such a generous extender system!", said Dominique.

Want to find out more?

The London table will be added to our online catalogue in a few weeks' time.

If you are a professional and are interested in this product, come to see our booth at the furniture fair in Cologne. For more information.