New collections for 2018: Zoom on Margaux

D Published November 02, 2017 16:34 Zoom on... / Collections

After Pure, we would like you to meet Margaux. The second new collection of chairs to be included in the Mobitec catalogue for 2018.

Where Pure employs restraint and simplicity, Margaux is of a more coquettish nature with its customisable metal strip nestled on the inside of the backrest. A small detail that makes it instantly recognisable but which is far from its only featureā€¦

The Margaux chair: comfortable and cosy

"With Margaux, we wanted to focus on comfort, on a more "plush" concept, even visually" explained Dominique Amodei, head of the Design team.

This was the starting point for the small metal strip that pulls on the covering, creating slight folds. On the models with metallic feet, it is the same colour as the feet. On the models with wooden feet, however, you are free to choose among a selection of a dozen different colours.

With or without armrests?

If the desire to maximise space is preventing you from opting for the comfort of armrests, Margaux could change your mind: "We designed the armrests to be perpendicular and not open outwards, as in our other collections", said Dominique. "This means that there is more room at the table while having enough room to move freely when sitting at the table."

Tapered metal feet

On the version with metallic feet, Margaux has tapered feet giving it a slender silhouette which is a first in the Mobitec collections. "The feet are produced by a specialised Italian craftsman and welded in our workshops", explained Dominique. "Their unique shape could not be mass-produced."

A more refined combination of two materials

Margaux is available in a simple two-tone version (combination of 2 colours of a single fabric or leatherette covering) or a two material version.

"For the two material version, we wanted to play with the combination of a leatherette covering for the chair's exterior, and a fabric or leatherette covering for the interior. This combination is entirely in line with current trends", said Dominique.

2 possibilities are available for a two material finishing: the combination with our Gazelle leatherette available in 10 colours (from ivory white to black) or with the Sotega leatherette whose texture is more pronounced and water-washable.

Want to find out more?

The Margaux collection will be included in our online catalogue in a few weeks.

If you are a professional and are interested in this product, come to see our booth at the furniture fair in Brussels. For more information.