New collections for 2018: Zoom on Pure

D Published October 18, 2017 13:41 Zoom on... / Collections

The Pure chair is the fruit of Mobitec's design to go back to basics. Take a closer look at this new collection for the 2018 catalogue.

Pronouncing its name suffices to understand the approach that birthed it. Pure is the desire to create a simple, refined, no frills chair. Without losing the Mobitec "touch", of course!

The Pure chair: simple and full of character

"Pure is a range with a simple design which nevertheless has a lot of character and the Mobitec look", explained Dominique Amodei, head of design. The entirely traditional wooden structure is the same as that seen in our Enora and Oli collections.

Pure sets itself apart from the other collections by the thickness of the seat. Dominique: "We wanted it to be very thin, like that found in the Moods collection, for instance, while offering a surprising level of seating comfort."

3 versions

There are 3 different versions available in the Pure collection:

  1. Classic, the simplest
  2. Deco, which is slightly more substantial
  3. Comfort, designed with extra attention to comfort

All of the chairs are available with or without armrests, and with a wooden base made from beach, oak or walnut. The special feature of the "Classic" version is that it can also be manufactured to be stackable. This feature was developed specifically for use in a professional setting.

Stitching as a distinctive feature

"What sets the Pure Classic apart from the Pure Deco is the stitching", said Dominique. "For the Classic, we wanted to use a very discrete two-tone seam. For the Deco, we are working with visible stitching which truly contributes to the chair's silhouette." For the Comfort, a "bias" seam option will be available.

This trend based on using different types of stitching started with the Oli collection released in 2017.

The Pure Comfort innovation: a slightly flexible backrest

Simply sitting on a Pure Comfort chair will tell you where it got its name! Thanks to a slightly flexible backrest, it offers greater comfort than the collection's other chairs, with or without armrests.

Want to find out more?

The Pure collection will find its way into our online catalogue in a few weeks.

If you are a professional and are interested in this product, come to see our booth at the furniture fair in Brussels. For more information.