Overview of our new collections for 2018

D Published December 12, 2017 09:15 Zoom on... / Collections

Mobitec's new collections will only arrive in our dealers' stores in 2018, but we can't resist giving you a sneak preview of our latest creations!

Mobitec unveiled 3 new families of products at the Brussels Furniture Fair: the Pure and Margaux collections of chairs, and the London table. Here is a sneak peek at these new products.

A number of new models of table and chairs will also be joining our Moods range in 2018. We will be unveiling those soon too…

Pure: back to basics

Simplicity and effectiveness: these are the guiding principles of this new collection which, like its name implies, aims for purity of design.

The Pure chair is available in 3 versions:

  1. The "Classic" which pares down the chairs design to its most simple elements, with a discrete two-tone seam.

  2. The "Deco", easily recognisable thanks to its attractive stitching above the backrest.

  3. The "Comfort" whose slightly flexible backrest provides improved seating comfort.

Its strengths

• Its light weight (the Classic without armrests weighs only 6 kg), making it easy to move around. Please note that the Classic is also available in a stackable version.

• The fineness of the seat

• The original shape of the armrests which are rounded outwards

The little extra

Great value for money!

Margaux chairs: refined and opulent

The Margaux chairs are instantly recognisable thanks to the metal bar located on the inside of the backrest. They are available with wooden or metal feet and in 4 different versions:

  1. Single-coloured

  2. Two-tone with 2 different shades of the same covering

  3. Two materials with the Gazelle faux leather (in the colour of your choice) for the outside trim and a fabric or faux leather covering of your choice for the interior

  4. Two materials with the Sotega faux leather (in the colour of your choice) for the outside trim and a fabric or faux leather covering of your choice for the interior

Its strengths


• An opulent and cosy appearance inviting you to relax

• The metal bar giving the chair that extra designer touch

The little extra

The models with armrests are designed in such a way as to not make the chair any wider: considerable space saved at the table!

The London table: designed for today's families

If you are a variable-sized family whose number of guests at the table changes every day, this table is just perfect for you! Our new "Slide" integrated extender system, which is optional on this model, is very easy to use and will enable you to change the table's size to suit your needs.

For the table top, you can choose between plywood, Fenix NTM and ceramics. The extender is either made from plywood or from Fenix NTM.

Its strengths

• Its modularity

• The size of its extender (120 cm), which is larger than other extenders available on the market.

The little extra

With the metal base, it is possible to choose an original colour for the table's base. Mustard yellow or lilac pink, for instance. All metal colours in our catalogue are available, except stainless steel.

Want to find out more?

More information is on the way! These new collections will be added to our online catalogue in a few weeks’ time!

If you are an individual, find a dealer near you.