Photoshoot for new collections: Mobitec sets sail

D Published March 15, 2018 16:10 Mobitec / Newsflash

In order to dress our new trade fair booth, we held a photo and video shoot showcasing our new collections in Coxyde. Take a look at a photoshoot unlike any other!

6 October 2017, despite the wind and the rain, model Grégory Blondeau is performing a balancing act, perched as he is on two Pure chairs in the saltwater of the North Sea. Despite difficult conditions, he wears a playful expression, immortalised by the camera of Christian Charlier, from XACT-Production.

It’s the finishing touch for the Mobitec photoshoot. All in all, the adventure will have lasted for 4 intense days, not counting the time spent preparing the project and post-production! Sarah Wattieau, graphic designer at Mobitec and the project’s coordinator, looks back on this unique photoshoot.

How did the idea for this photoshoot come around?

While visiting the Maison&Objet trade fair, I spotted a beautiful booth held by the Baobab candle and home fragrances brand. The booth was pleasantly uncluttered and decorated with very large photographs of Africa. This gave me the idea of making large photographs to dress up our booth, a little like tapestries.

Also, there was a booth at the Milan Furniture Fair that combined still images with video animations. Watching them, it felt like the static images would suddenly spring to life. We also wished to reproduce that idea in our booth.

That was the basic idea. But it further evolved, did it not?

Absolutely! That was the basic inspiration, but we wanted to develop our own concept. In consultation with the Design team, we finally decided to take black & white photographs and video footage. We wanted a clean style that would showcase our products. The idea was to associate the product on display with a specific staging in our booth.

In order to give a slightly offbeat tone to our images and avoid giving off a dull or sad impression, we imagined situations involving a dancer, a musician, a girl with a wide-brimmed hat. The aim was to move away from the idea of a purely commercial photoshoot and focus on emotions.

Why choose the North Sea as the backdrop?

For timing reasons, mainly. We had very little time in which to take these pictures, so it was easier to gather everyone in the same spot. In all, seven models from the Dominique Models agency in Brussels took part in the photoshoot. It required a considerable amount of logistical planning.

How did you find the experience of shooting at the seaside in the end?

It wasn’t easy, even though we are very happy with the results! There was a lot of wind and it was rather cold. When we were taking the photographs with Nancy Eissaoui, for instance, the idea was for her hat to be carried away by the wind, with her chasing after it. A simple idea at first blush. However, given that we cannot control the way the wind blows, it ended up being a rather difficult endeavour.

Some of the Mobitec products were put through the wringer. The Pure chairs had their feet in the water for instance.

It’s true. However, for the record, they came out of the photoshoot in an impeccable condition.

However, we would not recommend doing the same thing with your own Mobitec furniture! ;-)

Behind the scenes

Want to find out what went on behind the scenes? We shot a short video of this memorable photoshoot!

Koksijde 2017 - Teaser by MOBITEC.

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