C'est Maxime

ProjectC'est Maxime
LocationVerviers - Belgium
Made byJeebee

Meat Bar

The restaurant “C'est Maxime” is undoubtedly the place not to miss for lovers of high quality meat. In this meat bar in a refined and warm setting, you will enjoy matured T-bone steaks, tenderloin from Galicia, black pork chops from Bigorre or veal chops from calves milk-suckled two to three times a day. In short, unique, flavourful meat that you cannot find just anywhere.

Croquette bar

“C'est Maxime” is also a croquette bar concept. Revisited as starters or main courses, croquettes are served with the side dish to accompany the taste of your choice optimally. And taste is at the heart of the matter here: for instance – (to cite but a few) the oxtail croquette or sweetbread croquette, or the smooth asparagus croquette with smoked salmon or with lobster… Your taste buds will not know which way to turn….

A bar like no other …

Epicurean is the epithet that’s most fitting for Maxime Bours, the owner and chef at «C'est Maxime». Naturally, he could not but produce a beverage list commensurate with his culinary creations. This has been achieved thanks to the valuable advice of an oenologist and a zythologist (beer specialist) who bolstered his expertise to ensure optimal tasting combinations. The right drink for each dish… So take a seat… and enjoy tasting!