Can I buy directly from you as a private individual?

No, Mobitec’s customer base consists exclusively of professionals, including furniture retailers on the one hand, and local authority contract furniture procurement officers on the other.

As a private individual, we invite you to contact one of our retailers. You will find our retailers’ sales outlets in the module provided for this purpose.

Our showroom in Eupen is nevertheless open to the general public in the aim to have a peek at our products. Plan your visit.

Are you a professional, and do you want to become a Mobitec customer?

To become a Mobitec customer, please send us an email including your full contact details to, and our sales advisor for your region will make contact with you in person.

Do you have a showroom, and what are the practical details?

Yes, we have a showroom at our Head Office in Eupen, Belgium.

This showroom is not only open to our professional customers but also to the general public, however in this case only by making an appointment during normal office hours (8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on Friday).

Make a request for a showroom visit.

What is your standard delivery timeframe?

The delivery timeframe is specific to the retailer; it does not depend on Mobitec. Meanwhile, our standard timeframe for manufacture and delivery to our retailers ranges between six and seven weeks.

Is there a minimum order amount to comply with?

No, in fact this is one of our company’s greatest advantages. We do not impose any minimum order, as a manufacturer. Given the broad range of finishes on offer, we do not manufacture any inventory. Everything is manufactured to order, regardless of whether the order involves one item or 100.

Where can I find your general terms and conditions of sale?

They are available from our Sales Departments on request. You can request them via email at Mobitec’s general address, i.e.