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MOOD#101 PM11 BI

Pop Art

Play on colour combinations for the covering and the metal base to give this chair a unique and playful style.

3 reasons for choosing this chair

  • Bi-colour finish
  • Choice of base colour
  • Armrests for greater comfort

product characteristics

84 41fd812976083aeb8328c7f1c9671cf9bb6cac1a48d69b623a03dbea5f7137b5 08 74649f2b8ea04e03c3b4da30536b20726c83daa95b57e6f602132ab0977ce431 79 a5789c73ea6540c4fab97fa248f4f6d604fad8f387dc5a4b4cb79e90d4bf55d2 105 d07709e7ce2fbec88089ebaf2cbd0d08abe64a6eb4fc47ebf66b7b8b27dfffcf 17 c3670e69dcc372317aef8ba699836dac3839fa0ef8f2afb2fa2bdad953d70387 15 e4bcf37ae0c76eba9bb6066d33af8f6f5883c266fa68e515a205164700d7f307

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